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statement on work


Nature and our relationship to it plays a central role in the conceptualisation behind my work. At times the work may celebrate the lyrical spirit of nature, though at the same time, it may also express certain concerns about this relationship, raising questions, and, perhaps, communicating an anxiety about its deteriorated condition.

Though many of the forms in my work are invented many also have their origins in various observed sources. These are drawn from two very different directions. A great deal are drawn directly from the landscape and are transformed through


a process which refines them and looks for a new and independent life within them. I try to recreate within them a quality which is resonant with nature in a less specific sense. Conversely, the world of industrial forms, structures and materials often informs both the starting point of the works and their process of development. Mathematics and architecture may also provide sources for the basic structures for my work.

So how do these various forms work together? Well, I am interested in exploring the flow of imagery that can occur around the midpoint between

  abstraction and figuration. This is the point at which I bring it all together. At this point, meaning is not fixed and interpretation of the work becomes more fluid. There are many layers of possible meaning - some are more clearly stated, others deliberately left undefined. These take on the quality of fractured narratives where connection and allusion play important roles.

Philip Booth

curriculum vitae



  1960-67 Hipperholme Grammar School, Halifax
  1967-68 Hornsey College of Art, London
  1968-71 Manchester College of Art and Design
    BA Hons 2.1 Fine Art – Sculpture 1971
    DA(Manc) Diploma of Associateship 1971
  1971-72 Manchester Polytechnic
    HDA Sculpture (Post Graduate) 1972

Scholarships & awards

  1976 Arts Council of Great Britain, Major Award
  1978-80 Japan Scholarship - Japanese Government (Monbusho) Research Scholar
  Research Programme: Survey and analysis of traditional arts of gardens, architecture and festivals, interpreted as environmental sculpture. Saitama University with extensive field work in Kyoto and throughout Japan. Scholarship included intensive language course in Japanese at Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
  1989 South West Arts Award, "Working with Nature" Project, St Ives, Cornwall, UK
  2000 AHRB Grant awarded to pursue invited sculpture residency, Seto, Japan

Teaching posts

  1973 - 78 Cheshire School of Art and Design. Course Tutor in Foundation Studies
  1980 Manchester Polytechnic. Lecturer in Sculpture. Degree and Post Graduate
  1981 - 86 Falmouth College of Arts. Lecturer in Foundation Studies
  1986 - 95 Falmouth College of Arts. Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Foundation Studies
  1995 - 97 Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya, Japan. Professor of Sculpture
  1997 - 02 Falmouth College of Arts. Course Leader Foundation Studies
  2002 - 2010 Nagoya University of Arts, Japan. Professor of Design

Visiting Lecturer:
  John Moores University of Liverpool
  Manchester Metropolitan University
  University of Central Lancashire
  University of the West of England
  Gloucester College of Arts and Technology
  South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education

Educational Exchanges:
  1994 The National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
  1995-97 Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya, Japan. Professor of Sculpture
  1999 The National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Major group exhibitions

  1971 Mid Pennine Arts Festival. Sculpture for the Environment
  1972 Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. "Platform 72"
  1973–7 Manchester Academy Open Exhibitions
  1976 Weaver Museum, Cheshire "London Road Art"
  1977 Weaver Museum, Cheshire "London Road Art II"
  1987 Ibstock Design Centre, Bristol. "Changing Places" Exhibition of Enviromental Art
  1990 "View of the New", Newlyn Art Gallery
  1992 Sculpture Park, Stone Lane Arboretum, Devon
  1992 "Drawing", Newlyn Art Gallery
  1993 "DeMarco's Choice", Newlyn Art Gallery
  1993 Millfield Open Exhibition
  1994 Sculpture Projects, Newlyn Orion Gallery
  1995 Angela Flowers Selection, Newlyn Art Gallery
  1997 5th Kyong-Nam Fan Art Exhibition, Kyong-Nam, S Korea & Nagoya, Japan
  1998 "Contemporary Art Medals" British Art Medals Society
  1998 "In dent" Sculpture Show, Stroud House Gallery, Stroud, Glos.
  1998 Critics Choice - Theo Waddington's Selection, Newlyn Art Gallery
  1998 "Viewpoints" Artsway Gallery, Hants.
  1998 The Newlyn Society of Artists at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
  1999 "Contemporary Art Medals" British Art Medals Society
  1999 Critics Choice - Newlyn Art Gallery
  1999 "Japanese Connections" Falmouth College of Arts Gallery
  1999 "Stroud Open" Stroud House Gallery, Glos.
  1999 "In the Path of the Shadow" Geevor Gallery, Cornwall
  2000 "Critic's Choice" Newlyn Gallery
  2000 "Japanese Connections" C Square Gallery, Chukyo University, Nagoya & Seto Ceramic and Glass Art Museum, Japan
  2001 SW Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. Open Exhibition
  2002 "Construction" Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall
  2005 NSA Show, Thompson the City Gallery, London
  2006 “Draws On” Artist’s Drawings, Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall, UK
  2007 Group Exhibition, Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK
  2007/8 Group Exhibition, Hilton Young Gallery, Penzance, UK
  2009 “NSA” Royal West of England Academy, Bristol
  2012 “Site-non-Site, Kestle Barton Gallery, Mannacan
  2012 “New Light on Newlyn”, Plymouth City Art Gallery and Museum

Major National and International Exhibitions

  1995  “Osaka Triennale”, Osaka, Japan
  2004 “Toyota Triennale”, Toyota City Art Museum, Japan
  2007 “Toyota Triennale”, Toyota City Art Museu, Japan

Solo and small group exhibitions

  1974 Peterloo Gallery, Manchester
  1976 Penzance Library Gallery. Photographic Works
  1978 Peterloo Gallery , Manchester
  1979 Kozan-ji, Kyoto, Japan
  1986 Falmouth College of Arts Gallery
  1994 "The Bloodshot Eye", Falmouth College of Arts Gallery
  1995 "The Bloodshot Eye", The Gallery in Cork Street, London
  1995 "The Bloodshot Eye", The Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
  1997 Izuto gallery, Nagoya, Japan
  1997 CASA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  1997 Galerie 141, Nagoya, Japan
  1997-98 Toyota Automobile Company Gallery, Nagoya, Japan. Solo Exhibition
  2000 "Between East & West" Two Person Show, Daiwa Foundation Gallery, London
  2000 Seto Culture Centre, Seto, Japan. 4 person exhibition
  2002 "Gyo" 4 person show, Gallerie 141, Nagoya, Japan
  2004 Westbeth Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
  2005 “Hidden Narratives” Gallery Naofu, Gifu, Japan
  2006 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya, Japan
  2009 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Kozuka, Nagoya, Japan
  2009 Solo Exhibition, Project Gallery “Clas”, Nagoya University, Japan
  2009 “A Japanese Retrospective” Gallery Be Nagoya University of Arts, Japan
  2010 “Intersecting Narratives” 2 Person Show, Owariasahi City Art Gallery, Japan
  2012 “Et In Arcadia Ego” Solo Exhibition, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro


Site specific and landscape design works

  1989 "Working With Nature" Hayle, Cornwall. SW Arts
  1989 Amos and Penny, Falmouth
  1990 Dartington Hall, Devon
  1991 JT Design and Build, Bristol
  1993 Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council
  1995 Treliske Hospital, Truro
  1999 Private Commissions, Falmouth, Cornwall
  2001 Falmouth Moor Redevelopment Project. Falmouth, Cornwall
  2002 JT Design, Bristol: Landscape Design
  2002 Eden Project. Cornwall
  2005 The Globe Project for Expo Japan 2005, with Yasuo Terada, now installed at Chukyo University, Toyota Campus
  2006 Water garden, Truro, UK
  2010 Private Commission, Suffolk

Agencies and affiliations

  Axis Database for Artists, Architects and Designers, Leeds Metropolitan University, Calverley Street, Leeds LS1 3HE.
  Member of the Newlyn Society of Artists
  Co-founder of "Artery", a group of artists and designers in Cornwall involved in designing and making public and site specific art works


  2000 Sculpture Residency, Seto, Japan. AHRC Award
  2011 International Drawing Residency, Hanover, Germany



  Falmouth Art Gallery, UK
  Yoshida Collection, Tokyo
  Private Collections in UK, Ireland and Japan