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“DIGITAL REJECTS – THE COLLECTION” study	2007 “CREVASSE SERIES #1”   2007 “MEDUSA’S FATE” study	2005 “BUNKER SERIES #2”   2007 “BUNKER SERIES #3”       2008 “BUNKER SERIES – WASTED GLORIES”       2008  

  “RIVERARCHES – FLOOD #3”       2007 “RIVERARCHES – FLOOD #4”       2008 “GREEK AND AMAZONS – ORIBE”        2008 “RIVERARCHES – DEAD HEAD”  STUDY   2009 The Ruined Garden The Guardian City Life  

  Landscape arches series 2 Landscape arches series 3 Landscape arches series 8 Golden Frog 2002 Lion Hunt - Golden Horse #3 Arch Bearing Balanced arches  

  8 Landscape arch - Golden Bough Digital Reject Series - The Machinist Study – “Biville Block” Study – “Crevasse” Study – “Medusa’s Chamber” Study #1  

  The drawings shown on this web site form two fairly distinct groups. Generally speaking, one group represents works on paper which stand as autonomous works in their own right, connected in broad principle to concurrent works in other media. The other group contains preparatory studies for sculpture works which are the culmination of an often lengthy development process.