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  The tradition of the Japanese Garden is quite unique and the gardens themselves are famous for their refreshingly different qualities of beauty, symbolism and design. Within the main tradition of Japanese Gardens are two principle developments, that of the dry landscape garden with its emphasis on simplicity and a more abstract and symbolic approach; and that of the pond garden with its more figurative and lyrical style. Both traditions draw on nature and the landscape for inspiration and method –the line and rule of nature guides the hand of the Japanese Garden maker. The exciting thing about Japanese Gardens now is that they are finding new expression in a world that has long embraced abstraction and sophisticated design principles. This reinvention, combined with the breadth and richness of the tradition means that a creative approach to the design of the Japanese Garden now has the potential to fulfil a wide range of garden and landscape design needs.

Two years of intensive research into the form and meaning of Japanese Gardens in Kyoto between 1978 and 1980 plus a further 10 years teaching at a University of Arts in Japan has given me a deep understanding of the Japanese Garden and equipped me with the necessary design and practical skills to provide a high quality design service.

Some clients definitely want gardens with a strong Japanese quality to integrate into a personal environment, whilst others are more interested in landscape designs that carry influences from the broader values of the Japanese Garden rather than being dominated by them. For full details of the design and commissioning process and conditions please contact me at