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Commissioned in 1995 by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council. Design approved and commissioned as a result of winning a national open competition for the project. Work done in collaboration with David Westby as co-partner in Artery.

The site of the artwork was created by changes to the direction of the main Bolton ring road on the north side of the town. Because of access to the site, there were many constraints to the design, including the proviso that no single feature could be more than 50cms high. We therefore decided to work with the idea of a 3D map. The work takes as its central theme the passage of the river Ribble as flows from its nearby source in the Pennines through the outer villages of Bolton down through the town centre. It links many well known sites, ancient buildings and landmarks, all of which are featured in some way within the work. Children from the local primary school were involved in the making of some of the components of the work.