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Eden Project
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Commissioned in 2001 by selection in accordance with the practice of the Eden Project.


All works at the Eden Project celebrate, describe or in other ways draw attention to our relationship to the world of plants. This invariably means the ways in which plants have been cultivated to enhance our lives.

This work celebrates rice cultivation. The central form is a large rice straw rope common to the festivals associated with rice cultivation in Japan. The animals and figures are all derived from mythologies in cultures where rice is a principal harvest. The large figure below the rope is a rice goddess from SE Asia, the ox ploughs the rice fields, frogs joyfully inhabit the wet environment there, the heron is never far away when there are frogs about, the fox is the companion of the rice god Inari in Japan and, also in Japan, the rabbits are to be seen pounding rice into cakes in the moon (not the face of the man in the moon).